(Previously known as HereForBaeMar, but don't worry bae I'm still here for you)
Id love to help you edit or get you past some nasty writers block if need be, and I'm happy to just read your book by request as well :) I'm also pretty snazzy at making covers. Direct message me if you need anything! Have a great day!
I'm in the middle of writing some books right now, but as soon as I finish one I'll publish it.. but probably not...
I'm a crappy writer, but I love to help others write their amazing books since can't write for shit! But I love writing and I have so many ideas I feel like putting them out there. I currently have 17 books of mine being written but not published. Mostly cuz they probably suck ass. But if for some reason you like any of my books, I fucking love you, if you hate them, well that's not my problem, there are plenty of other books on Wattpad to keep you busy.
Currently reading:
A Game of Thrones (for the past 8 months)
And pretty much every Wattpad book worth reading (and plenty that might not be)

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Hamilton (please help me its getting scary, next thing I know I'll be praying to Lin every night)o
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