Well, there are two of us who both work on our stories together. You might know me from other stories on Wattpad (Hint, Hint: Im ShadoWolf, AKA Marley). Im not really sure if the other person wants her name out there so... yeah. 
I REALLY enjoy writing and im pretty sure my Co-writer does, too. Um, we both go to the same school and stuff and yeah.We're in eighth grade and we would be ooper happy if u commented on our writing. Thx!
I just got the Ok to say: My Co- Writer's name is Autumn. She is an AWESOME person and...all that... jazz... She is one of my beeeest friends! Yay for friendship!!!!!
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ForsakenAngels ForsakenAngels Aug 03, 2011 01:07AM
@bashful_beauty haha, yep. :)
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