Its ok to be a little broken ♥
You just have to remember to piece yourself back together again in the end ♥
And I suppose in all the time I spent wandering,
Looking for a place to nail my feet to and call even ground,
You became what I was looking for.
You became my home,
You became my sole reason for breathing,
You were burnt like acid into my skin,
So that every part of your body seeped through my veins.
And I don't care how much it hurts,
Because in spite of all the pain,
I seemed to find happiness in the colors of your eyes.
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    Tearing apart the very fabrics of time; being his Companion
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    Apr 20, 2012 03:59AM
ForgetYesterday ForgetYesterday Nov 12, 2013 03:22AM
@KingOfToday oh mt god will i frikking love you :') wrecking ball <33
             @Rockystar152 and i was in le summer o.o and yes youa re quite correct he is cx 
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