*I'm trash. 

*I'm an awkward being

*Seeing that a book has a sequel worries me--

*Very boring actually

*I love Kpop, bro :v

*I'm in way too many fandoms.

"I'm gay as fuck, bro"

*I love music.
-Block B(Bias: ZICO hell yah)

-Melanie Martinez

-BTS(B:Jungkook - BW: Min Suga Genius :v)

-Panic! At the Disco

-Got7 (B:Jaebum - BW:Mark/BamBam)

-PENTAGON(B:Wooseok - BW: Hui/Yan An)

-EXO(B:Xiumin - BW: D.O/Chen)

-Fall Out Boy

-ASTRO(B:Moonbin hell ya)

-Twenty One Pilots

-Seventeen(B:Wonwoo - BW:The8/Jun)

A.C.E(B:WOW - BW:Jun)
There's more but ehhhhh--

I only read le gay. 7u7

I love me some Namjoon centric fics. <3

I don't bite unless you want me to 7u7
Okay no....
Maybe. 7u7

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