Hello my name is Monica :) 
Im 15
i love to write stories and listen to music. I love my music very much <33
i'm very artistic and love to draw also.
I want to be a photographer and saving
money to buy a camera!
I used to dye my hair various colors
But then I got bored
I'll do it Again... Eventually
I love to laugh A LOT
I read a lot of books
I Day dream alot and sometimes i lose myself in my thoughts at inappropriate times!
I am also a romantic who believes in true love and such :3 - don't judge
I never tell secrets or break promises unless its life threatening! Srry
I'm a very Honest person
I'm also kinda shy at first and quiet
But once I know u more I'm loud,
And random!
I'm kinda weird too but I dont care
I listen to Paramore, Avril Lavigne,
Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, Asking
Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Escape the Fate, Godsmack, etc.
I'm a great listener and super easy to talk to :)
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ForeverSmile413 ForeverSmile413 Aug 19, 2012 04:02AM
@feathersnake haha your rambling is very helpful and I will definitely try everything you shared! Thank you 
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