As you can see, I'm forever alone! *Sad violin music plays as I cry in the bottom of my cardboard box* But don't worry! I have boyxboy smut to keep me company!

I'm a 16 year old female of the human species who will practically ship anything boyxboy related.

I live a healthy diet of Doritos, green apple Popsicles, and gay smut!

Who wants one real man you have to keep happy, when you can have as many anime men as you want to love and always care for!!! *sobs while maniacally laughing*

If it's gay, I ship it.

I mostly read Sasunaru, Itanaru, Drarry, Tomarry, Bakudeku, Villain!Deku, Billdip, and reincarnation books....

I'm the only one in my Mormon family who isn't homophobic...
Seeing the male missionaries together is not good for my fujoshi mind...

I like how in sixth grade kids asked me how I was so cool, and then in ninth grade they asked me how I'm so weird and not embarrassed by myself...

I've physically drop-kicked a kid in 3rd grade when he called me fat... Found out he had a crush on me in 6th grade... ; - ;

Best compliment I've gotten was from this Walmart employee while I was standing in the checkout line. He said, "Nice cape!"

Football players at my school literally grope each other and moan out a "No homo, tho" like BOI HOW THE HECK IS THAT CONSIDERED STRAIGHT, and I was in class and like one guy held hands with another guy to help him up off the floor, and the teacher freaked out saying it was PDA and sent them to the office and all that.... but what kills me is that when a football player slipped his hand into another guys pants and GRABBED HIS LIGHTSABER he said "no homo" to the teacher and THE TEACHER WAS FINE WITH IT!!

...^ well I kinda ranted there ^...

Welp. I've never been in a relationship with anybody real... (How random)

Mah Sistah: You have no friends, yah weirdo!
Mah Sistah: *Sighs*

I vote on practically everything I read..
  • In my room.... Hiding in the darkness in my cardboard box... Eating Doritos while reading gay smut..
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