Hai. :)

My name's Prue, but you can call me Kat.
18 years old(aww yeh, baby.)
I'm a serious flirt:)
Bisexual-- Got a problem? You can suck my nonexistent left nut. :)
Love to read and write
Going to UCLA in August!!!
I'm a weird Brazilian, Irish, Canadian, Italian, Colombian, British chick with a sexy British accent. Ehh. Not really.
I'm paler than a motherfucker. -__-
Everyone that I seem to get close to dies, So, it seems as if the only solution is for me to die.
Still thinkin' about it.

Fav Bands:
Never Shout Never
My Chemical Romance
Mayday Parade
Panic! At The Disco
Green Day
All-American Rejects
We The Kings
Young The Giant

Fav Singers:
Lady Gaga <3
Kylie Minogue
Cher Lloyd
Kelly Clarkson
Rita Ora

I'm sort of antisocial so don't take it personally when you chat me and I don't reply.
OBSESSED with Tumblr.
That guy in the background is my best friend Sam at his first gig. <3
I dye my hair A LOT. But, I've decided to take a break, since I don't want my hair to get seriously damaged. Or more damaged than it already is.
I'm extremely sarcastic, it may even come off as bitchy. Sue me.
And I guess that's it...yes? Yes.

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FlyingPandas FlyingPandas Jan 26, 2015 02:48AM
Updates coming soon  cuz I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack
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