Feel free to check out my reading lists. I have my categories explained at the end of my bio. 

• If you're an author and don't like what category I put your book/books in to, don't get salty and message me about it. I couldn't care less, it's MY opinion
• Zero tolerance for büllshit
• Not a people person
• Grammar Nazi but I don't feel the need to correct stories like some people on here 🙄
• Filthy minded
• Irish 💚
• 29 years young
• Smut lover 🤤

Loved💚- They're awesome books. I just find that I don't miss the characters in them when I finish reading the books so I don't go back for more.

Holy Grails💚- *sighs* To me, they're perfection. These are the ones that I read and will read, over and over again.

No no 🙄- These are books that I just don't click with for a number of reasons(grammar/punctuation is horrifically bad, plot doesn't make sense, plot isn't clear/changes too much, characters aren't layered enough).

Finished- I like a lot of these books but for some reason or another, they just don't cut it. It may be because I haven't fallen in love with the characters in it but I liked the plot or vice verse. It may also be because the story just moved too fast and there wasn't enough of a backstory or it just wasn't believable.

To Buy- Books that I need to get on Amazon.

Obviously, we all have different tastes. You may love a book that I have hated and that's cool. These lists are mainly for me so that I can find books easier.
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