Hi! I'm Peto! I love books such as Warriors, Wings of Fire, The Last Dragon Chronicles, The Prophecy series, The Willow Falls series, The UNICORNE Files, The Garden of Eve, and much much more. I simply adore cats (and of course Pusheen!), food, and books.  I tend to write fanfiction or draw cats. I live with my parents, three brothers, and a sister. Yes, all older than me. Sucks being the youngest . >.<
If you have anything you want to tell me, feel free to drop by and message me!
You can find me on BlogClan! Just look for a Flowerpaw! ;D

You know you are a Warriors fan if...
1. You ask to see the Medicine Cat instead of the doctor
2. You can't stop talking about them
3. You give your cat a Warriors name
4. You think your dreams are prophecies sent by StarClan
5. You think you should have an apprentice
6. You belong to more than one RPG site
7. You're active on more then one RPG site
8. You call the road outside your house the Thunderpath
9. You are reading this right now
10. You put this on your page
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Story by Peto
Vanishing Sun by Flowerpetal01
Vanishing Sun Fantasy
Ferin is a new student to Jade Academy. But, she isn't your average dragon. Others fear and avoid her. However, oddly enough, a Rainwing approaches her. They have developed a friendship, but unknown to Ferin, her...
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