Hi im a girl named Flore Guzman by my elementary friends xD :p :p

i am extremely weird so maybe u won't like me :p xD ^_^

im also Mexican but i Hate banda and corridos or anything like that :p

I love rock and pop and kinda like rap and hip hop but my fav artists of all time for my opinion are <3 TWENTY ØNE PILØTS <3 and <3 PIERCE THE VEIL <3 i extremely love them and im totally obsessed with them lol

i am 16 yrs old :p

me gusta visitar a mexico once in a while pero no para vivir....why? cuz i like the u.s better (don't tell my mom lol)

i wanna write something but i am not a good writer and i got nooo ideas so umm HELP?? but i LOVE reading so if u want me to read ur book just tell me lol xD

well have a good time xoxoxox xD
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