Hello, You may call me Fleury, Power, Fleurypower, or Bobette.Some people like to call me Ken, or Kenzie to, but whatever, I honestly don't care. Whatever you call me, just make sure it's appropriate for ages 99 and up.

I am NOT a hipster. I simply refuse to conform to the laws of modern society
I loooooove Harry Potter
No I will not lick your elbow... at least not while you're looking
Go read the story Healing Harry's Heart
Geishas cannot reveal their age
Frogs breathe from their skin
Some turtles breath through their butts
I breath because I have lungs
If I'm not breathing, call an ambulance

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Fleurypower029 Fleurypower029 Jul 12, 2012 04:39AM
Hello everybody, I am again sorry for the very long delay concerning 'Saved By Severus' however, I just went back and realised that I don't like the way I wrote the book. HOWEVER I am not stopping th...
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Saved by Severus

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Description: If you had never known love, would you trust a stranger? Would you tell the stranger about your past? Would you listen to his? When Cynthia is found, alone on the streets, beaten within an inch of death, will...


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