Hey There Awesome! We are kinda new here! We read a lot. We're starting to write stories together now. In a way, we're collaborating. We're very insane people. We can talk about something really random at any time. Even when its at the wrong time. We can just burst out laughing for NO reason. Aren't we weird.
Fun fact: Both of us are mixed blood! :)
We're very VIBRANT! We've done tons of dares in public that are both humiliating and funny.
Okay, find out our individual self down there. Right, down.

Nadya Natasha Nazri
15 years of age.
Kicked your sexy ass on July 15th 1997
Known as, Dee or Nad
Sometimes, bipolar. Watch out!
Inspiration: Justin Bieber

Nur Amalina Amidun
15 years of age.
Got hyped on November 15th 1997
Laughs damn lots! HEAPS I tell you!
Known as Ama.
Inspiration: One Direction

One thing we both love : THE WANTED :D

Realize something? We're both born on the 15th! :)
Good eyes, good eyes B)

As you can see are totally 'normal' as others are. We are NOT aliens, trust me. We just laugh A LOT. Make a fool of ourselves, get into lots of trouble in school, but off detentions. We've never got a single detention. Believe me, it's the truth. It's too good to be true.
SWAG! Deuces! :)

Message from us to you: WE Love Ya'll!! No Matter what you are -short,tall,skinny,fat,ugly,pretty,hot,nerdy:D,gay,straight,lesbian WE ARE ALL THE SAME:D WE LOVE YOU:D
<3<3<3<3<3:3 SPREAD THE LOOVE!
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Story by Nadya & Amalina
Childish Reject (On Hold, sorry) by FlayKnuckleS
Childish Reject (On Hold, sorry)
Two bestfriends who have been seperated for almost 5 years finally met again during the Summer holidays. From...
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