Hey everyone! 

I'm finally back on this :P Somehow with a streak of what seem like miracles I've been convinced to get back to writing my stories. Thanks shanii for that :D oh and thanks to Auralius for the feedback too!

Anyways about myself, I am taken indefinitely by the beautiful girl in my picture up there ^^^^ She's the best thing that's happened to me and therefore why I use the word indefinitely! :D
I am only here to write and for feedback, not to make any friends!! :P haha

Strangely enough, even though I hated English Literature at school ever since I left I've had this insatiable need to write; thus giving birth to CoW (Casualties of War) a conglomeration of my Sci-Fi knowledge based on movies, series, games, books and just a crazy imagination.

I hope you all enjoy reading whatever I post on here!
Follow, read, vote and please give me feedback!!
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Description: The year is 4687 of the New Age, the Empire of Man has spread to the far reaches of the Galaxy, conquering and annexing many planets and alien races. A young man by the name of Trent finds himself catapulted from his dream, into a hellish nightmare...

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Darkness Consumes (On Hold)

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Books yet to write :D

Books yet to write :D

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Hey all of you! I'm back!! after around 8 or 9 months of writers block i've finally got a laptop anddd managed thanks to some messages from followers;P you know who you are, and my girlfriends help to unblock myself ;P hahaha. currently re-writing Casualties of War since i never actually produced any drafts for it. once i read it i kinda shocked myself hahaha, so anyways please read up followerrrsssss!! :D