Hello, my name is Jane. I'm 15. I love reading and I'm a big Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games fan. I also love Sherlock and completely obsessed with Merlin and Doctor Who as well

I also have a FanFiction account named "FlamingPhoenix7", so it's always nice if you want to follow me.

My grammar isn't the best so please forgive me if I have any mistakes in my stories, but I promise I HAVE gotten better on my English. So just to warn you, my earlier stories won't have the best grammar but I promise you they do get better.

Any questions in my stories will be answered,I'm sorry if I missed a few comments, but I will try to answer your questions the best I can and as soon as I can.

I will also try to update my stories as frequently as possible, but I do have homework and a lot of other stuff so please forgive me if it's been a long time since I've updated. Comments usually help me get back on track as they motivate me to keep on updating just for you guys.

So please leave a comment whenever possible and maybe a vote if you liked it, they will all be greatly appreciated.

Hope you enjoy my stories,

PS. I'm a Ravenclaw and is quite a big fan of Drarry 😉

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FlamingPhoenix7 FlamingPhoenix7 Apr 16, 2016 06:18PM
Just a notification to some Hunger Games fans, I've published another story which is a crossover between Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. It's not a Harry/Katniss fic if you're wondering, but if it...
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