Haii hii :3

My rents labelled me Lily...in case you missed it up there ^^ :D

I'm 20 years young!! :D

Everyone lies...dont lie about it!!

If you lie then imma slap yew!! but then again...that might be animal abuse O.o

I hate doing these things -_- I'd rather slap you but shit splatters :P

Sorry i'm being mean but trust me i'm really a nice person :D ...not that shy really...i'm almost batshit crazy. I love doing dares too...there's never been a dare that i passed on. So Dare Me!! :D

Yes I am a proudly obsessed with Supernatural :3

I will forever and always be a part of the Echleon :3 :D <3
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    San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
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Description: When Zara's parents are murdered in the dark of the night she and her brother must flee their home with the ruthless Gavin for their own protection while order is restored and the murderer is hunted down. Now...