Gosh,  what is there to say really? I'm just a girl who dabbles in way too many fandoms, cosplays, writes (when I find the time), watches movies and tv shows, constantly wears headphones with music, laughs, takes waaaaay too many pictures of my dog... All the while trying to figure out that weird and beautiful mystery we call life. I make mistakes on a daily basis and sometimes I wish I could kill my lazy streak with an epic sword.. Ah, to be human.

And I will admit that I would die 100% happy if I could ever meet Tom Hiddleston and just give him a hug and wish him a merry day. That, or be able to stroke a red panda's fur and cuddle them because they are just beautiful creatures and I love them so much <3

To my dear fans - Each and everyONE of you is awesome. Thanks always and forever for reading and bearing with my long writing hiatus. Your patience is appreciated :) I wish you all luck in whatever journeys you are pursuing in your individual lives.


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Description: She's cursed to remain as a horse for the rest of her life. Her coat is colored black for her mother's transgression. Only for one hour every night her human self can shed the mane and the hooves. The only way to break this curse is to find someone...

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Being Human (the poem)

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(Part III)
      So, thank you everyone for your support and leaving me comments! Again, I'm sorry for my absence, and I won't lie, it may happen again, but once school is officially over I hope to be free to write more often! It is one of my biggest dreams to write and publish THITPS (I suppose it will be a trilogy now!), and without you guys, I probably would never push myself to do so. I adore and appreciate you always!
      <3 Firecat
(Part II)
      I appreciate all comments, and I read them all. It definitely makes me feel closer to you guys, but I know that with my absence none of you probably feel like I'm around anymore. I apologize, because I remember the days when I was actively posting and writing, I interacted way more with you all than I do now. I've never been very good at getting back to people that I don't see or speak to on a daily basis, and I'm sorry.
      But, here's something that may make up for that. Maybe. 
      I know many of you have been asking for a sequel to The Horse in the Prince's Stables. Before I started school I reread my own story (mostly in the efforts of rewriting it, but alas that is something I have yet to do), and ever since then (along with reading your comments on a daily basis).... I have had ideas for not just a sequel, but a prequel and a short story.
      You guys weren't expecting that, were you? 
      But yes! I'm being 100% serious with you guys! I'm currently working on the short story, and I hope to finish it before the end of this year (I'm about to enter a scary couple months with externship...). It is something I've been thinking about for a while now, and then kowen3415 mentioned in a comment that they would be interested in reading more about what happens to Henry after the THITPS. At least knowing one person would like that sort of reading material, I've pushed myself back to my keyboard to write freely again. :) So there is that to look forward to, along with the prequel and sequel. I'd like to keep their content somewhat of a surprise, but I will say that the sequel doesn't follow Kaelyn and Philip as much (I'm sorry if that sort of takes away the excitement, but they did have a pretty epic adventure, and I'm happy with where they took their story to their happily ever after). They'll still be in the sequel, but I'd like to highlight some other characters instead.
Hello my dear readers!!  (Part I)
      Yea, it's me. The incredibly absent author of THITPS. I'm still around! First off, I want to apologize for the extremely long absence.. It's been forever, and I haven't posted anything new, or continued on any of my existing stories or projects. 
      In short, for the past two years I've been in school studying to become a veterinary technician, and this program doesn't have any summers or breaks (besides Christmas break), so I've been busy with my studies for a long time now. I'm about to enter my final externship for the program, then study for my national exam that I will be taking  in November/December at some time. So, I've had a lot on my plate to say the least. Ok, maybe that wasn't as short as I would've thought, haha.
      I've also lost a little something when it comes to writing, and that's been haunting me for awhile now. When I first wrote THITPS, I just let myself and my imagination run wild. I didn't let anything else hold me back, and I wrote everything that was in my head. Once I finished, I got into the mindset of making it better. This pushed me to try and make all of my writing "better," which then made me write less and less as I became too concerned about writing less than I was capable of instead of writing for fun. It's a tricky trap, and I hope for you who write that you don't fall into that, or find your way out. I think I've finally found my way out. Though there's still a lot of adult life I need to tend to first before I can relax and just work on my career with no school. I can't wait for those days!!
      So, let me just inform you guys that I have read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT that any of you have ever posted. :) It's great! I love hearing what you guys have to say! It makes me so happy that many of you still enjoy THITPS. For those who offered constructive criticism, thank you to you all as well!
makadoodle720 posted a message to Firecat057
I think you are an amazing author, who writes beautiful books. You should really try and publish "The horse in the Prince's stables" I would like a paperback copy I hope you reconsider writing a sequel. Sorry if you hear that a lot, but its a really inspiring book. I love it. Congratulations on that.