Gosh,  what is there to say really? I'm just a girl who dabbles in way too many fandoms, cosplays, writes (when I find the time), watches movies and tv shows, constantly wears headphones with music, laughs, takes waaaaay too many pictures of my dog... All the while trying to figure out that weird and beautiful mystery we call life. I make mistakes on a daily basis and sometimes I wish I could kill my lazy streak with an epic sword.. Ah, to be human.

And I will admit that I would die 100% happy if I could ever meet Tom Hiddleston and just give him a hug and wish him a merry day. That, or be able to stroke a red panda's fur and cuddle them because they are just beautiful creatures and I love them so much <3

To my dear fans - Each and everyONE of you is awesome. Thanks always and forever for reading and bearing with my long writing hiatus. Your patience is appreciated :) I wish you all luck in whatever journeys you are pursuing in your individual lives.


Wanna be Tumblr buddies? I reblog TONS of weird/funny/cute/amazing/epic/odd things. Pretty sure there's stuff for everyone to enjoy.
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The Horse in the Prince's Stables

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Description: She's cursed to remain as a horse for the rest of her life. Her coat is colored black for her mother's transgression. Only for one hour every night her human self can shed the mane and the hooves. The only way to break this curse is to find someone...

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Outcross (noun): a cross between relatively unrelated individuals. Zach Richardson lived a fairly norma...



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Being Human (the poem)

Being Human (the poem)

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makadoodle720 posted a message to Firecat057
I think you are an amazing author, who writes beautiful books. You should really try and publish "The horse in the Prince's stables" I would like a paperback copy I hope you reconsider writing a sequel. Sorry if you hear that a lot, but its a really inspiring book. I love it. Congratulations on that. 
nancybellaRose posted a message to Firecat057
thank you so much for writing the storey ,The horse in prince stable... it is a realy unique storey which is full of love,sacrifice ,magic and unpredictability, these qualities merged together makes it an awsme book.. Definately worth reading and upraising...
      i loved reading it so thanks again...
JoanneAdam4 posted a message to Firecat057
Saw this book and some reviews, Was gonna start this book, is it complete?? I don't want to start any more that are not finished...thanks
KittLoL posted a message to Firecat057
Your book The Horse in The Princes stable was so beautiful! I cried when Kaelyn almost died. Such an amazing book, should be a movie. You should make it into a real book.