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Write This Down

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Description: He is darkness. He is demon. She is light. She is a savior. When the demon saves the savior, a pattern unfolds and a story unwinds, and the whole world waits with baited breath as every step seems to mirror the first. Because in the first story...

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Orpheus Rising

Orpheus Rising

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Nothing changes. Ever. She sits at the piano playing the same song. Dead rose petals always skirt about...

Archie Smith: Boy Wonder

Archie Smith: Boy Wonder

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I have been so lazy, well, on here at least. I have been jumping around a bunch of projects, real life has been kicking me where it counts, and... yah. It sucks.
      But I will get SOMETHING updated, even if it kills me!
      Thank you all for being supportive, even from a distance... or whatever ;-;
      Sorry for letting y'all down.
I am diligently working on Write This Down now that my December break is over. Despite varied plot bunnies lifting their fluffy faces, I will get this story done!
raindrop posted a message to Firebender_Zeke
You should be at the top of the Undiscovered Gems list on WP if it still has that, because your writing is absolutely fantastic. I don't know how you do it, but everything I read from you has me hanging on to every word and it's just too beautiful. You're fabulous.