"From the ashes of my death, a new Phoenix shall arise, and another after that, and another after that. T.O.M.B.S.T.O.N.E. Lasts forever!"-Dukhonov. Hey there, I'm Viktor- call me Flame, if you like. Or Icestar. You might have been brought here because of a love for Warrior cats, games, or anything else I might do. My name is a mixture of Fire (Firestar, duh), Lich (has in Lich King), and Reznov (from Black Ops), I have to give credit to Olympian_NightJay for that idea. I recommend Olympian she's a good writer and funny. My  favorite books/games have quotes listed below, and I am currently working on Dukhonov, my second Wattpad book. I recommend Floriah if you are a warrior cats lover. Or her second account, Nightfrost-, that used to belong to her friend. Anyways, since I can't use the Russian alphabet here, I'll have to spell it out. Dobrey dein! (Good day!)

"My death will mean nothing in the long run!"-Arthas "I am the lucid dream, the monster in your nightmares. I am the fiend of a thousand faces! Cower before my true form! Bow down to the god of death! MADNESS WILL CONSUME YOU!"-Yogg'Saron (Hope's End), revealing his true self. "I am the swarm!"-Kerrigan "I dearly hope there is a special place in Hell waiting for you, Arthas."-Uther to Arthas "We may never know, Uther. I intend to live forever."-Arthas to Uther "Fire alone can save the clan"-Prophecy to Bluestar "There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws."-Skywatcher to Firestar "I would have taken your place, if only you had let me."- Greystripe to Firestar "My name is Viktor Reznov, and I want REVENGE!"-Alex Mason, killing Frederick Steiner. "LEEEVVVIIIIIIIIIII--- JEEENKIIINNSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!"-Me, being weird and making jokes about Attack on Titan and World of Warcraft mixed together.
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