I took down my book "Illegal Love" to edit it from the beginning. The finished revising and adding parts to the first two chapters today. I will be finished with the revised version of it by Friday or sooner. I also just completed my book "Viridity" so please check it out and share it. Thank you all for being amazing readers and for constantly showing your support. I truly appreciate it. Thank you and love you all!


I just redid the first couple of chapters and had to delete the other ones bc they did not follow the plot line I am now thinking of writing. That is why it might seem short right now. I will be updating on Sunday.


Hello author 
          Loved your book love me again 
          But a few questions arose while reading it.
          1 who was the person who robbed from blake? 
          2 blake hired detectives who found out elizabeth paid half million to david 
          3 but then didnt the bank transaction show the money was put into her account thru another acc where she was wotking? Usually bank records do show that
          4 blake re opened the money owning case to find her...does that mean he still thought she took his money but he says he purposely opened as he missed her. 
          5 if he hired his investigators didnt they inform him where the money came from and where the rest of 1.5 million go to then he knew she didn't steal ? But still continued to believe she took? That fact not digestible
          6 his family cursed elizabeth ok they thought blake was cheated and they conveniently turned a blind eye to his cheating on his wife.
          But it shows he never really felt any remorse for what he did....he never bothered to say she didnt steal from him.
          7. Elizabeth paid half a million but he asked 2 million as stolen so didnt he ever wonder where the other one and half went.
          8 two years ella suffered a lot financially physically emotionally everything but did blake suffer didnt feel like...he was ready to bang the girl who he mistook for his wife's lawyer. 
          9 when he realised it was her money he spent on his mistress to have fun. It was her own money she used to save him from that blackmailer though she didnt have to ss it was his deeds.....didnt he alowly bug to take her money and accuse her of using his when he in reality used hers to have a fling with his mistress? Did he accept that money? Did he clear her name which he socially blemished? Did he return her the self respect she lost infront of his family and public? 
          10 she was so traumatised by her past so much that she changed everything about her her look her name everything.... Then seeing all this how can  elizabeth forgive blake so easily. 


this message may be offensive
@ vsadh067  Thank you!!!! They also never discussed that she has to work as a stripper. Meaning they divorced and she got NOTHING from him.
            And the tried suicide?!? Never mentioned the scars? I thought he would see those.
            He said he brought her to court to see her again. But his POV he talked about the Bangable "lawyer" and not how excited he was to see her.
            How did they find out about the blackmailing? 
            Did France know about his niece?
            How can she trust again? How is she not nervous as soon as he has a "late meeting" or a new secretary (after le last one sat on his lap). How is she able to build enough trust so he doesn't throw her away like garbage again? Because he said so? He told her enough lies before.
            And if it really "hurt" him seeing her hurt
            .... Why would he hurt her not by pretending he is going to fuck somebody. Why did he have to do it if it "hurt him so much".
            I like the writing, I like the told story. I don't like the end or the Charakters. She is needy and clingy. He is an asshole.
            I may be a bit harsh but I would tell my daughter to run if she had such a man once


Just noticed you've given my story a chance. So I'm dropping by to let you know that I truly appreciate it and hope you'll find my work worth-it. Feedback and comments are more than welcome. Once again, thank you so much for making my day better ❤️


Your book is amazing. It was heartbreaking, but also it was so amazingly written. I loved every minute of it. You are an amazing author and writer. Keep up the good work ❤️


Ooh can u make a squeal of Viridity which explored Ryan and Katelyns bond?


@Sarcastic_kitten12 I don't think I am going to be making a sequel of Viridity anytime soon. If I am going to write a sequel, it would be in one year. It wouldn't be soon because I am creating another story right now that is very meaningful to me and I want to do it justice. Thank you for your interest in my book. I am glad you enjoyed it and would have liked to read a sequel.