- @Party_in_me_Pants is my twin brother
-@Jokers_Leader legendary ninja smurf
I thought I was invincible......
If only I was able to say 1 or 3 words.

umm... my favorite colour is dark green..
i like food in general but screw olives and mushrooms
i don't know what else to say
what do i say?
you know fish can hear you think right before you sneeze

peanut: alright alright ALRIGHT! .......damn
jeff fa fa dunhaaam.com: the drive from the vally...
peanut: was bad as hell
jeff fa fa dunhaaam.com: traffic...
peanut: sucked like hell
jeff fa fa dunhaaam.com: drivers...
peanut: angry as hell
jeff fa fa dunhaaam.com: and you?
peanut: was scared as hell
jeff fa fa dunhaaam.com: parking here...
peanut: sucked more like hell...SO WERE IN HELL! And these are our hellmates *indication crowd* think about it, next time someone tells you to go to hell, come right heerree
jeff fa fa dunhaaan.com: where are we?
peanut: I DON'T KNOWW
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Ferris_is_a_Rider Ferris_is_a_Rider Feb 10, 2013 10:50PM
@camryntay7 that's good
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