"Don't be trapped in someone else's dream."
"You're too young to let the world break you."
"My grandma loves me chubby so I keep eating."
"Stop playing hard to get before I kick you in the butt."
- taetae

"Win, lose, I don't care because at the end of the day I still have this face so who's the real winner here?" - Jin
"Hannah Montana says nobody's perfect. But here I am."
"My handsomeness is staining my life."
- worldwide cutie guy

"You like this chain? 3 dollar"
"That seagull over there has a girlfriend, but how come I can't get one"
"I want to be a rock in next life."
- lil meow meow

"I was going to the bathroom but I can't because we won an award."
"My name is... Jungkook, scale is... international playboy."
"hella lit"
- bunny boy

"You got no jams"
"When you get to eat ramen after feeling really really hungry, that's happiness."
"I wore his underwear 22 times approximately."
- president

- hobi

"English is not a barrier when you are as cute as me."
- chimchim
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