Obviously, I am a writer. I'm an avid reader as well. I introduced my friend GermanSam to fictionpress and she introduced me to wattpad.

I've gone by Fate for years now and am quite fond of the pen name. I love angst with a passion. Tragedy is another favorite of mine. I am also a closeted romance fan, which I will very rarely admit.

You can find me on Twitter for information on plans to update. https://twitter.com/#!/Fate_Rose

...I guess I will add things as I get used to the site. For now, I feel that this is all I have to share. Have a wonderful day. Happy reading/novelling (noveling?). c:
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FateRose FateRose 2 years ago
New story up! Check it out. :D
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The Housemates

Social data: 98.5K reads. 3.6K votes. 360 comments.

Description: Eliza 'Elli' Sullivan is in need of a place to stay when she spots an add for cheap rent in a big house. It seems a little too good to be true, but she figures why not? She goes for the interview, gets the roo...

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House of the Damned

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