Hey there! Curious about me eh? Well... the name's Fara. Surviving Freshman year. I love to read and write. I sing obsessively in class. I am a totally YA contemporary freak. And I love spaghetti :D

Here's a list of me:

1. I love making lists!
2. I freaking love music. They're a teenager's refuge.
3. The All-American Rejects, Maroon 5, Simple Plan, Paramore, Taylor Swift, Boys Like Girls, F.U.N, Foster the People, and We Are The In Crowd are bands and singers I pretty much listen to everyday. (Of course there's more! But these are my all-time favourite :D)
4. Just because I'm a teenager, it doesn't mean I'm a die hard fan of Justin Bieber and One Direction.
5. I like to write stories. I use my History class to write my stories which explains my dismal grade in History. Hey, it's better than falling asleep in that class.
6. I'm a math geek. Love those complicated numbers! (not really)
7. I play the piano and guitar. I'm a really good singer :P And I used to take ballet when I was 6.
8. "What do you want to be when you're older?" Ask me again 10 years later :P
9. I used to speak Italian.
10. I swooned over fictional characters more than real people :P

When reading, I tend to fall for the bad guys when ironically enough, I have a crush on the nicest guy on earth ;) If you don't think high school boys + girls = great books, I don't think we'd be friends :( If you do, we'd get along pretty well then! :D But I pretty much read anything.. I especially love badass girls as characters :D

I'm OBSESSED with checking emails and Twitter. So you don't have to worry if I didn't read your emails.

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