Hi everyone,

Thank you my Mythical friends for taking the time to look at my profile!

My name is Louise Herman along with writing, I love to read unique Fantasy and Paranormal stories!


★ I am addicted to pear drops (hard candy sweets)

★ I am addicted to 80s Fantasy films and have watched, ‘Legend’ over 30 times

★ I bent my collar bone at a 90 degree angle when I was 15

★ My online pseudonym, FantasyFairy, is who I would really love to be as I am always in my own dream world but all I’m missing is my wings! Lol

★ I have created TALKING TEEN FICTION BOOK CLUB & MAGICAL MOONS BOOK CLUB to help Wattpad writers get feedback on their stories.


★ I am a newbie (I'm a Self Published Author) but already am learning so much about the literary world and loving it

★ I started writing, ‘Split Blood: The Ancient Codex - Part One’ in 2011 and it is part of a YA Urban Fantasy 5 part series


★ I'm obsessed with Studio Ghibli and could watch "Spirited Away", "Princess Mononoke" and "Ponyo" and "Howl's Moving Castle" everyday! lol

★ "Pan's Labyrinth" helped me get over my writer's block with THE ORCUS GAME: BLOOD MOON and I think Guillermo del Toro is a legend!

★ Also, as I love 80s Fantasy films, along with "Legend", I love "The Dark Crystal", "Labyrinth" and "Big Trouble in Little China"...you can't beat a little 80s Fantasy Film Magic! lol


♥ My Website: http://www.louisehermanauthor.com/

♥ Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Louise-Herman/e/B00B3U7FR2/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

♥ Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/SplitBloodBooks


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The Orcus Games: Mistress V (Book 2 in The Orcus Games Trilogy)

Social data: 910 reads. 61 votes. 14 comments.

Description: The Underworld as no fury like Mistress V scorned... Mistress V had it all…looks, power within the vampire clan and men at her disposal but she wanted more. She wanted Ardan, to be precise. He was unlike any other vampire she had turned before a...


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The Orcus Games: New Awakening (Book 3 in The Orcus Games Trilogy)

The Orcus Games: New Awakening (Book 3 in The Orcus Games Trilogy)

1.1K 20 14

You can run but you can’t hide… Escaping The Orcus Games, each of the fugitive’s dreams of a happy reu...

Split Blood: Rise of the Wolf (Book #2)

Split Blood: Rise of the Wolf (Book #2)

430 23 15

‘You are the oil to my fire and no one will ever extinguish us’ Enya said as she stroked the scar, which...

Split Blood: The Ancient Codex - Part One (Book #1 ) - COMPLETED

Split Blood: The Ancient Codex - Part One (Book #1 ) - COMPLETED

6.9K 490 184

When Faith’s mother starts organising the second stage of her arranged marriage to wizard, Damien, Faith...

#325 in Paranormal
The Orcus Games: Blood Moon (Book 1 in The Orcus Games Trilogy) - COMPLETED

The Orcus Games: Blood Moon (Book 1 in The Orcus Games Trilogy) - COMPLETED

2K 85 82

Guilty until you survive all zones…The Orcus Games is ready to put you on trial… The lives of a witch a...


      Hi Enen, I have not put all of this story on here because I have had to pay for all the books to be edited and proofread so I have put the first chapter on here so readers can get a taste of the storyline but they can read the rest for $0.99 (Amazon and Smashwords) so I can recoup my costs (one book cost £500 just to proofread but I could not publish without it getting edited properly).
      Hope you understand and continue to enjoy the stories. :)

@Enen22 Thank you so much for your lovely comments and support. I really appreciate it. It is a bit hard trying to write and work too but when you do something that you love like writing, I'll always try and push myself just over the limits (coffee definitely helps to meet the deadlines! lol). ;) Hope you enjoy my other stories and I will definitely msg you as soon as I finish the next one in the series. :)
Hi guys,
      It's just a quick message to say, apologies if you have sent me a message or made a comment on one of my stories and I have not got back to you.
      I forgot the password to this account and have been concentrating on writing SPLIT BLOOD 3 to try to publish it by the end of summer this year.
      I also have not been receiving my notifications through my email which is annoying but thank you so much for your lovely comments and I will try to get back to you guys quicker now I have a new password! ;)

Hi Enen, sorry about the delay but I forgot my password and am still getting used to going to the notifications in the drop down bit! lol. I am currently writing the third book in the series and that should give you a little more background on the twins and will hopefully be finished by August this year. If you want I can message you when it is finished so you can be one of the first to read it? Thanks again for taking the time to comment and apologies for the delay (I am also no longer getting update messages through my email which is annoying!)
Hi Everyone
      Firstly apologises if you have tried to join or enter the following book clubs or contests:
      - TUWSA
      - The Magical Moons Book Club
      - The Teen Fiction Book Club
      I put an advert on here a few weeks ago to state that I no longer had time to focus on maintaining these and offered them to someone else to keep up with but unfortunately the one person who expressed an interest did not pursue them any further so I have deleted all 3.
      I have had fun doing them but I always feel that if I cannot commit to something 100% then it is not worth me doing it as I like to give everything I do 'my all'!
      Apologies again and hope you all find similar competitions and book clubs as I read some fantastic stories through the book clubs and competition.
I am actually in shock at the lovely feedback and the amount of reads I have for, 'Split Blood: The Ancient Codex - Part One'!
      Thank you so much for your kind words and support guys and hope you continue to enjoy my other stories just as much as you seem to be enjoying this one! :)