Hi I'm Fang. I will be creating fanfic stories. I will try to do Undertale and Ninjago fanfics. If anyone requests any xReader stories then I will be happy to create them. And to let you know I will be adding my OC in most of the fanfics.

My Oc
Name: Fang Survivor

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: 1/3 human, 1/3 wolf, 1/3 dragon

Looks: tan skin, long dark brown hair, left eye: brown, right eye: scarlet red, athletic body, black wolf ears, black wolf tail, and large black dragon wings.

Normal outfit: Black leather jacket, grey tanktop, black jeans, and black ankle high boots without the heels.

Crush: (depends on fandom) Pythor, Skales, Skalidor, Raph, any au of Sans except Underlust, Daryl

Personality: plays pranks, loves to draw, protective over friends and adopted family, calm, friendly, can become dangerous if anyone harms her friends and adopted family, can easily keep secrets.

Likes: meat, fruit, hanging out with friends, art, sports, competition, horror movies, video-games

Dislikes: jerks, sushi, romance movies

Past: As a pup (6) family was killed by hunters. Ran away from forest avoiding hunters. Lived on her own for 10 years in a village by stealing food and killing farm cattle for food. She gained the nickname hybrid demon since the villagers have never seen a hybrid. Found by sensei wu and the ninjas while getting ready for a hunt. Joined them and counted them as adopted family.

Family: Claw younger electric blue with neon green stripes dragon hybrid brother (deceased), Lily younger grey wolf hybrid sister (deceased), mom white wolf hybrid (deceased), dad black dragon hybrid (deceased)

Extra: Can turn into large black wolf (twilight size) with dragon wings, can turn into black dragon, will risk own life to protect someone innocent or someone close to them, can mind-link others.

Fandoms: TMNT, Ninjago, Undertale, The Walking Dead, SVTFOE, Transformers,
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