hey y'all whats up
here's thirteen things about me
1.If you want/need to talk to someone about something, I'm right here and I will try to help!
3.I HATE Destiel with a burning passion!
4.if you are in need of a voice actor, I would love to help!
5.Currently college student, this should tell you a thing or 2 about updates
6.I like cake
7.BIG Kingdom Hearts fan
8.Disney Geek, and proud to be one
9.I've met almost the whole FMA cast
10.Crossovers are my thing
11.I haven't been writing as long as most people. I started back in '08 or '09
12. I love crossovers and AUs
13.Idk...BYE...I think...AHHH!!!

[X] 10 Fan
[X] 20 Fan
[X] 50 Fan
[X] 100 Fan
[X] 200 Fan
[] +500 Fan
[X] 1000 Vote
[] 2000 Vote
[] 3000 Vote
[] 4000 Vote
[] +5000 Vote
[] 1000 Comment
[] 2000 Comment
[] 3000 Comment
[] 4000 Comment
[] +5000 Comment
[X] Finish His Soul (a FMA fanfic)
[X] Finish Free Soul (FMA FanFic)
[X] Finish Undying Soul (Cyle's back story)
[X] Finish Captured Souls
[X] Finish If FMA were REAL!
[] Finish A Year in a Life
[] Finish His Soul Rewrite
[] Finish The Fullmetal Host
[] Finish ???

I will not accept rude behavior on my profile or my stories, if I find anything like that on here, you will be reported
(sorry to sound harsh)
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Fangirlofthenorth Fangirlofthenorth a month ago
Okay, so school has started for me! I'm taking a piano class, a graphic novel literature class (I'm going to be reading Attack on Titan in it!), and a fiction writing class. So, that means I'll be ig...
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Description: After a run in with a strange boy, Edward Elric is on the adventure he'd only read in books. Traveling different worlds, meeting different people, but what is the boy not telling him? What are they really doin...


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Undying Soul (Cyle's back story)

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A Year in a Life (original story) {On Hold to plan out story}

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Captured Souls (book 3)

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Destiny Roulette

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