Hey y'all whats up
Like what the thing says on the bottom, I've been on this site for a while and I've seen it in it's good times and in it's bad times. I've been here since I was 15 and Now I am 21.
Anyway, let's get to my writing!
I use to stay strictly to cannon fanfiction...but then I discovered crossovers and AUs.
A lot of the stuff I write now a days are either a crossover or an AU.
Other than fanfiction, I'm currently writing two original comics and one original story (A Year in a Life, which is a prequel to one of the comics and is currently on hold so I can work on said comic).

Fandoms I work with:
Kingdom Hearts
Fullmetal Alchemist
Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons
Supernatural (sometimes)

My Ships/OTPs:

[X] Finish His Soul (a FMA fanfic)
[X] Finish Free Soul (FMA FanFic)
[X] Finish Undying Soul (Cyle's back story)
[X] Finish Captured Souls
[X] Finish If FMA were REAL!
[] Finish Reawakening

I will not accept rude behavior on my profile or my stories, if I find anything like that on here, you will be reported
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Fangirlofthenorth Fangirlofthenorth Oct 22, 2015 03:47PM
Sad news, I am discontinuing The Fullemetal Host and I've put it up for adoption.
      Please PM me if you're interested in adopting it. more information in the story itself
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Re:Awakening REWRITING (a FMA KH Crossover)

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Description: After a run in with a strange boy, Edward Elric is on the adventure he'd only read in books. Traveling different worlds, meeting different people, but what is the boy not telling him? What are they really doin...


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A Year in a Life (original story) {On Hold to work on comic}

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