I remember in the good old days when everything on Wattpad was free and easily accessible without ads constantly popping up between our precious reading time. It pisses me off that the app is like this now. It used to be incredibly unique and amazing, but now I feel as though it's all about money, otherwise I would've considered continuing to write. It's sad actually.


@FanfictionXR NO I wish you would keep writing I love your writing :’(


@FanfictionXR  honestly same AO3 and Quotev are my saving grace


I absolutely love your mystogan x reader story!! I’ve re-read it a couple times already because I just love it so much, it’s one of my favorite mystogan stories I’ve read by far☺️


          I wanted to tell you that I really like your art and fanfiction. I'd like to ask you if I can translate the fanfic to Russian so russian Bort fans can enjoy it too. ☺️ Do I have your allowance?
          I'm talking about the Fan Fiction "Jigsaw Puzzle"


You continue to amaze me ! Ever my time I start a new anime you have just the book I was looking for written and published. You have some real talent and I wish I could see your work outside of wattpad like in a hard cover book. Your writing skills are amazing.


@ViolinQueenTwo Thank you so much! I hope you continuing enjoying it :)


Hi, I recently just finished your LEVI x reader fiction and was wondering if you’d ever write a second book? Your writing style is by far my favorite, and I’d also like to see the story carried on. It’s been about 4 years since you finished it.