Happy Fanfic Friday, everyone! We've got some awesome weekend reads for you. Let's give a big congratulations to the winners of the Lucky FriYAY Contest: 
          	Check out their stories, here:
          	Stay excellent!


@Halcyon_Eve Yea. Who are the other 5?


@Fanfic congrats to all who won!


@BasilGrey - I'm hoping that this was a case where the judges intended to only have five winners, but didn't change the number when they copied the entry over, and not a case where they decided to cut down on the winners due to the fact a good chunk were disqualified because they didn't have a bucket list like required, but the same thing happened during the Curtain Call contest, and the number didn't change.
          	  Either way, they need to announce five more winners, as they promised five more winners and that's the honest thing to do. Changing the way we submitted for the contest during the contest wasn't very honest of them, but also unneeded.


Ya'll should add a Little Mix reading list if there isn't one already..just saying. For all my fellow mixers out there..

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