Hello there... You must be lost... (JK, m'welcome)
*tips fedora*
Known As: DiamondTDM, IvoryTDM and Lukeburger Queen/King (I like king better), you'll know if you've read my one-shots, haha...)
MCSM Random Stuff 4/The Chatroom (MCSM) (Every other day)
The Chatroom (Mianite) (Once a week)
The Chatroom (Avengers) (Once a week)
One-Shots (MCSM)
Art Book (Whenever)
Order Of The Magnugaard (Whenever)
Mianite, (i cri eryteim)
Some YouTuber Fandoms, (YOUTUBE BRUH.)
Elementia Chronicles, (Really gud bok)
Team Crafted, (cri.)
The Avengers
Guardian's Of The Galaxy, (I'm a noob in these fandoms...)
Favorite YouTubers: DanTDM, Aphmau, PopularMMOs, SkydoesMinecraft, CaptainSparklez, TheOdds1Out, Game Theory, GMM,
TheSyndicateProject/ProSyndicate/Life Of Tom, Matthias.
(Not In Order)
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aHAI STILL HAVE NO IDEA.why no one gets me.
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The "Chatroom" (MCSM) by FandomsAreMyFuel
The "Chatroom" (MCSM)
Recipe for one crazy boi: Whole lotta ships, One mad comment section, Memes, Crazy fangirl/boys Hey, look! Se...
The Chatroom: Mianite  by FandomsAreMyFuel
The Chatroom: Mianite
Recipe for mass destruction: One drunk Dianitee, One salty Mianitee, One irritated Ianitee, A f*cking wizard...
The Chatroom: Avengers by FandomsAreMyFuel
The Chatroom: Avengers
Recipe: (Serves how many you wish) Fanpeople screams (60 tsp) "Language!" (10 tsp) Kinkiness, (6 ts...
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