Sup! I'm fandom_TRASH_4_life! As you can tell, I'm complete fandom trash. How many fandoms am I in, you ask? I am in... * counts on fingers * I dunno. Lost count after 3. I'll just tell you!

~My fandoms~

Sailor Moon
Black Butler ( kinda )
Sleepy Hollow
Attack on Titan
P!ATD ( does this count? )
Gravity Falls

★ My babies ★

Armin ( AOT )
Bill Cipher ( Gravity falls )
Bonnie ( FnaF )
Gamzee ( Homestuck )
Puppeteer ( Creepypasta )
Castiel ( Supernatural )
Rin ( Free! )
Canada ( Hetalia )

Anyway, I'm gonna end this here before I dig myself a grave and can't climb out. Bye!
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