Life Critic 
(Though not necessarily the cynical kind.)

Negative critiques are side dishes ; essential for a balanced meal and maintained growth , but it is the meal as a whole - especially the main course- that is to be savored.

I critique stories all the time, so why not talk with others-share my passion for storytelling with all kinds of different beautiful people? :D ( Feel free to leave your insights! :D. It is the whole point of having discussions after all.)

What exactly do I critique, may you ask? Movies, TV shows, history...?

It's simple.

Is it a story ?

Then I will critique it ^O^.

ANYWAY-^-^ -

Professional human⚔
I binge watch the animes(especially magi, in case you haven't already noticed)

Aspiring author and wildlife biologist <3


Anyway, tell me recommendations for awesome animes you have to share! (Bc Lord knows it's gonna be FOREVER until Magi season 3 finally comes out*cries in corner.)

In case you need someone to rant to, here are my top 9 favorite anime shows I'd be more than happy to rant about with you!:D
1.Fairy Tail
3.Kaze no Stigma
4.Ouran High School Host Club
6.Seraph of the End
7.Attack on Titan
8. Your Lie in April
9. Erased

New favorites: (Where do I put them in the list? THE DILEMA!)
Yona of the Dawn
My Hero Academia

A Silent Voice (Movie).

Nearly FLAWLESS animes:
Avatar the Last Airbender
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Best kpop songs EVER:
1. Blood Sweat and Tears (BTS)
2. Error (Vixx)
3. Goodbye (Taemin)
4. Eternity (Vixx)

I'm Mexican American and proud of it!!:D *slaps on sombrero and rants about equality for all.

I love to study psychology, language, science, and art to see and contemplate their connections XD.

Though for now I'm bilingual in that I'm only fluent in two languages...

I speak English and Otaku XP XD


...what do you think of my little farting smiley?

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Hey guys ^-^ I'm taking fourteen hours this semester and I have so much chemistry and physics HW to do ...-_-Until exams are over ! ^-^ Then I'll get onto reading "Falling Masks" and other promised...
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