Hello my people! I welcome you to my profile :D

Have fun reading the many facts about me!

-Facts about me cause I'm sweet:

+I met Asking Alexandria 3.29.14 <3
+I am 21 and counting
+Finally got a tattoo! Sugar Skull
+Got Asking Alexandria lyrics as my second tattoo 'Don't look back, let it sleep'
+I fucking LOVE Asking Alexandria
+I am in love with Ben Bruce, Denis Stoff, and Sam Bettley
+I LOVE music, it's my whole life
+I laugh at the stupidest stuff
+People say I'm emo 'cause I wear black everyday. I don't get it
+I'm the biggest bookworm
+I make all the covers for my stories, and I love doing it! (If you want a cover, just ask!)
+I have the gift of ADHD. So if one of my characters in my story is being super random, you get a little bit of my ADHD :) Enjoy that...
+I have an obsession with bracelets
+Black is my favorite color
+I am random, but fun
+I love The Walking Dead
+Chalkboard walls are life
+I write romance stories
+I love making new friends, so long as you aren't a creeper
+I adore Disney movies
+Arnold Palmers are the shit. Give me one, and you're my new best friend
+I update when I want to
+I'm a sassy motherfucker ;)
+I really hate silence
+I support gay/bi/trans
+I write on my mirrors LIKE A BOSS :)
+Fan me, I'll fan back
+My ultimate favorite movies are The Breakfast Club, Titanic, and Grease
+Sometimes I feel people hate me because I like being myself
+I feel awkward being surrounded by couples :/
+You like Asking Alexandria, I'll automatically fan you :D
+I own too many electronic devices
+I like to put my weird pets in my stories
+Love to laugh!
+Tattoos, piercings, and gauges are sexy as hell!
+I am OBSESSED with British flags and Skulls!

Chat me up! I'm just reading anyway! :P

-Fav Bands
+Asking Alexandria
+Sleeping With Sirens
+The Amity Affliction
+While She Sleeps
+Our Last Night
+Crown The Empire
+Of Mice & Men
+Memphis May Fire
+I See Stars
+Attack Attack!
+We Came As Romans

I guess that's it :)
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Wrote a new story guys!!! Go check it out!! Tell me what you think!! 
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