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It's me guys!
Don't know how you managed to come across my page but I'm glad you decided to take a look. ^-^
It might have been from one of my overly fangirled comments on a great story!

[Q:] Who do you guys like the most out of all the anime characters you know of?

[A:] NATSU (pretty cheesy I know ,but trust me, I do watch other animes. I just REALLY LOVE HIM)

Don't ask me why... I'll probably just end up giving u some super creepy answer about why I love his adorable and lovable face so much...

I ALSO LOVE NOYA! (Nishinoya) he's so Kawaii! (\*0*)/

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[Q:] Top 3 fav animes?

[A:] Fairy Tail, Noragami, Haikyuu!

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If you ask my friends, they'll probably tell you that I am THE QUEEN (maybe even the king) of Nalu trash. I love Nalu! Can't get enough of it. I also ship the big 4, haruxmakoto, toukaxKeneki, YatoxHiyori, a shit load of stuff from Haikyuu! Etc, etc...

I draw, and write, sometimes I'll post pics of my drawings for some chapters, not very often though.

Anime's I currently watch/ am caught up with...
Fairy Tail
Deadman wonderland
Fullmetal alchemist
Tokyo Ghoul
Michiko e Hachin

Thanks for taking a look! Have a great day! • p
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