To everyone who reads my fanfics: I am terribly sorry but I won't update for some time bc I am in my final month if school and then have my a-levels/graduation/Matura so I will be fairly busy for two or three months. Sorry in advance :/
          	It might be that I find time to upload the things I have already written until now which would be parts of The Black Cat and some ohan fiction...
          	See you soon and love you all,
          	Talia ^^


@FairytaleTalia wait when will 'don't be sorry' continue cuz its been 4 years lol i haven't noticed-


@FairytaleTalia I really love your stories especially Ereri. I'll wait for your update Author goodluck!


@FairytaleTalia The 'Don't be sorry' book made me cry, a person who has not cried in years, finally cried all thanks to you!(I don't mean it as a bad thing lol) You blessed me and so many others with your wonderful stories! I wheezed when Levi smiled XD but still, keep doing what your doing! I know the struggle of being a writer on wattpad, I know believe me. Go check out muh stories (((Shameless plug XD)))


Please please please please update the black cat  it’s been four years and we’re only half way through the storyyyy