Hi! I'm FairyTailFanatic20. I know, quite the original name right? I'm just a girl who locks herself in her room, reading fanfics all day. I haven't seen many animes yet, but I plan to do an anime marathon in the future. My top 3 favorite animes are 1. Fairy Tail 2. Vampire Knight and 3. SAO (Sword Art Online). I have two OTP's, NaLu (Fairy Tail's Natsu and Lucy) and Romitri (Vampire Academy's Rose and Dimitri). My favourite video game is Undertale and my favourite Undertale Au's are 1.) Flowerfell. I couldn't stop crying 2.)Underfell. I find it just so awesome and 3.) Dancetale because why not. I also really like Skyrim and Fnaf. My favourite books are The Accidental Hero And Vampire Academy.
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