My name makes me different. My personality makes me a target. My past makes me a victim. But my hope and faith makes me a winner.
I’m really bad at writing about me, especially when there’s a character limit. I’ll do my best.
Hi. I’m just another teenager, winning some and losing some. I’ve been through some tough stuff but it’s my moral to never give up. Nothing in life is certain and we all have the power to change our destiny. Every single person out there is worth something; everyone is something. Don’t think you are? Put your hand over your heart. Feel that beating? That’s your heart, and your purpose. You’re alive for a reason. You are someone’s reason for waking up. Don’t believe me? You’re my reason for waking up then. Not you especially, but all the people who think they don’t matter. It’s you; it’s always been you, who make the world turn - your never ending optimism and your smiles give other people hope and give me faith in humanity that actually there are some decent people left. So, thank you.
Reading, writing and music are the things that keep me alive. You ‘need’ food? I need music. Music is my everything; it’s every breath in my body. My writing is strange, like my sense of humour and personality.
Life isn’t a competition. Don’t judge. It’s not up to you to decide who is who and who is not.
I love quotes too. They’re sometimes better, because they tell a story in a sentence or two, often with deeper meanings than they come across. Just like people. There’s always a deeper meaning.
Thanks for reading. If you feel like it, read on in any of my stories below. Don’t forget to like, add, vote, comment or fan! You wouldn’t believe how much one comment means to me.
Stay safe, all my love,
Just one of societies f**k-ups.
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The Skeleton Diaries

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Description: 'I stare at the plate in front of me. It’s not too much, an apple and a soggy pear. My mum stares at me expectantly, her expression full of hope as I reach out and brush my fingers over the fruit. I grab the apple and swing my bag over my shoulder...


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just through the "Scarlet tears", you have touched my life in so many ways. I can't tell you how much everyone out there reading your stuff appreciates you. I'm just one of the many people who can't tell you how indescribably amazing you and all people like you really are. just another big thank you in a small way =D you truly are one of the best.
I've finally updated The Skeleton Diaries! I've decided there will be up to chapter 21, and then an epilogue, so keep checking up on me to see how well I'm doing with that haha. I started the book when I was around 13 and so the authors notes are very embarrassing indeed so I'm thinking of going through and deleting them, and then once I'm finished I'll go through and edit each chapter to amend the mistakes and typos and probably improve the grammar because most of it is abominable and really rather embarrassing...
      Keep yourselves safe, lots of loves xx