✰  I'm Jenia but go by Jen. 
✰ 28 years old with Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.
✰ Teacher in Pre School Classroom.
✰ From Russia, Moscow but lived in USA since Age 11.
✰ Been writing from young age. Leaning towards self publishing once i finish a story.
✰ Love to read, I'm into young adult, romance and fantasy the most.
✰ Love to help others, to make new friends.

Questions? Message.

Without You

Only One - Short Story- Revising.
Forever Promises - Romantic Drama.

Underneath It All - Collection.

10/18/14- Forever Promises #830 in Mystery / Thriller.
12/7/14 - Forever Promises #981 in Romance.

Joint Account with my friend Sam: @BlindedANDLoved.


9:00AM-6:00PM. Monday - Friday.


Updates will come either Saturday or Sundays due to work. Thanks for everyone's amazing support. I love you all.
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Description: FIRST LOVE. From moment Scarlett met him, she knew there was something different about him and within months she found herself falling in love. A SUDDEN DECISION When Adam enlists in the United States Army, everything between the two of them chan...

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Forever Promises.[Revising]

Forever Promises.[Revising]

32.9K 830 81

School is supposed be safe, to keep their students safe. What do you do when it becomes a place you're...

Only One. [Revising]

Only One. [Revising]

44K 800 140

"It was never my intention, to hurt you,” Max said to Peyton, after years of being gone. Anyone who seen...

Underneath It All.

Underneath It All.

921 49 29

Collection of Poetry i wrote through the years. Most of it deals with life, pain, loss, heartache. Ther...

Hey Everyone,
      I am aware that it had been a while and i apologize for my absence.  I work during summers.  I decided to sent update to all of my fans.  I am currently in process of re-writing  Forever Promises, it's same story but there some changes i am making, and once  that's done i will be self publishing it. I will update you on that when time comes.  Top of it, i am working on another story as well.  Plus i  might go back to school, to get my Bachelor degree in Teaching. 
      I will keep you updated and try update once things are less hectic. Hope everyone had a great summer
Hey everyone,
      I came in to say I'm sorry for my delay.  My work got pretty intense lately and allergies been making me feel pretty tired.  I am still writing, but i think for a bit i won't be posting on Wattpad, a small break.  I am also in process of revising Forever Promises, for self publication.  Thanks to all of your support. I will be back soon. 
      I know it's been a while, but there were few personal things that happened that i was dealing with. Plus  work got  more busy lately, but i will be updated later on. I might have come back to Don't Let Go. Don't like how it came out, but will post something else. 
      Have great Sunday
Another Snow Day, this  is our biggest storm, this winter anyways.  Since i was off, i posted a new chapter for Don't Let Go.