✰ I'm Jenia  but also go by Jen and Jenna. 
✰ 29 years old with Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Also in process of getting Diploma for Occupational Therapy Aide.
✰ From Russia, Moscow but lived in United States since i was 11 years old.
✰ Lived in Florida, Virginia & Arizona.
✰ Was Teaching Assistant Infant - Preschool from August 2012- January 2016
✰ Co-Teacher.
✰ Been writing since young age. Finished my first book, Forever Promises in 2014 which hope to publish once revision process in completed.
✰ Love reading.
✰ Love helping others. Love making new friends.
✰ A big baseball & Hockey fan.
Questions? Message.

I got a job offer at my old job in Virginia as Co-Teacher, so in next few weeks i be busy, packing since I'm starting on August 22. Flying out August 19. I will be renting a room from a good friend of mine. I'm not sure how soon i will get internet access. I most likely be pretty busy the first month. I don't know my hours yet. I will be working Monday-Fridays, so if i update it will be on weekends.

Thank you to everyone for your support!

Without You.
Picture To Burn.

Only One - Short Story- Revising.
Forever Promises - Romantic Drama (Major Revision)

Underneath It All - Collection.

10/18/14- Forever Promises #830 in Mystery / Thriller.
12/7/14 - Forever Promises #981 in Romance.

Joint Account with my friend Sam: @BlindedANDLoved

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Fade_Away Fade_Away Jul 21, 2016 10:07PM
I got offered a co-teaching job at my old job  in Virginia, so i am going be moving again.  I start on August 22, so will be occupied in next few weeks.  I am not sure when i have internet access.  I...
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Featured work.

Underneath It All.

Social data: 994 reads. 56 votes. 31 comments.

Description: Collection of Poetry i wrote through the years. Most of it deals with life, pain, loss, heartache. There some that also deals with family, friendship.


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Picture To Burn.

Picture To Burn.

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Without You. [# Wattys 2016]

Without You. [# Wattys 2016]

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Forever Promises.[Under Major Revision]

Forever Promises.[Under Major Revision]

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School is supposed be safe, to keep their students safe. What do you do when it becomes a place you're...


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