I AM LADY HEDGWICK :D FEAR ME!! Anyhow, I'm a Potterhead so here -

Blood status:Mudblood
Quidditch postition:Keeper
Best friend:Luna :D
Boyfriend:Draco (but don't tell anyone)
Enemy:Pansy (Jeeze Pansy just die already)
Class you do best in:DADA
Class you do worst in:History of Magic
Favorite professor:Remus Lupin
Least favorite professor:Trelawney (I'd kick her in the shins! SHINS)
Wand core:Phoenix feather
Wand wood:Roah
Wand length:11"
Wizarding job:Professor of DADA
Where you live:Hogsmead

Jily or Snily:Jily (He died for her, when you only lived)
Favorite ship involving Harry:Darry
Favorite ship involving Ron:Romionie
Favorite ship involving Hermione:Romionie
Favorite ship involving Draco:Drapple
Favorite ship involving Neville:Luna/Neville
Favorite ship involving Luna:Nevillie/Luna
Least favorite ship involving Harry:Harmione
Least favorite ship involving Ron:Ron/anyoneotherthanHermiony
Least favorite ship involving Hermione:Hermione/anyoneotherthanron
Least favorite ship involving Draco:Draco/Snape
Least favorite ship involving Neville:Neville/anyoneotherthanLuna
Least favorite ship involving Luna:Luna/anyoneotherthanNeville

Least favorite:Pansy
Who you're most like:Sirius
favorite marauder:Remus/Sirius
Least favorite marauder:Peter

Favorite spell:Piertotum Locomotor/Peskipiksi Pesternomi
Least favorite spell:Finite Incantatem
Your Patronus:Vixen
Do you use unforgivable curses:If you touch my family, then yes.

Well what a load of crap. Anyhow how is everyone. No one talks to me anymore, I'm left to this madness alone. Currently in fangirl mode- Fable
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