F. M. Aguilera, living in Sacramento Valley, and I spend my time drawing or writing.

I enjoy horror/supernatural stories primarily, but will give anything a read.

I haven't written anything solid in ages, but I'm working slowly on my unnamed series, the first book will be Arise Again (I plan on having four sub-series surrounding four different characters in the same universe), so it'll be a while to pump out, and may work on some Novella in between.

Hope to get some stuff done here!
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FMAguilera FMAguilera Jun 24, 2013 06:10AM
@ntajeh How the fudge am I supposed to know?
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The Flashback of Francis Heyburn

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Description: Join young Francis Heyburn as he meets his fate at the hands of Douglas Darck, a demonic ghost from way back when. As Francis takes his last breath, he opens his memories for us... Cover by xHelloWorldx

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The Dead Man Gawking

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A short story about an incident where a mother leaves her friend to watch her child.

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Removing Some Weight

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