When you meet your team a bit, go to the shop in the main menu FUT. At the beginning of your career in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team will have about 500 coins. When you're in the store opens the search menu opens packs and complementary packs that offer. Search senior players and consumables such as kits, stadiums and managers. If you receive a player in a pack that you think you will not use, select the fastest selling options and instantly receive the corresponding coins in your account. Otherwise, select "send to the club" if you intend to stay that player or that supply.

Consumables appear with all kinds of shapes and sizes, and can be everything from coaches on your staff to your team the ball used in home matches. FIFA 17 has the ability to detect areas that require improvement and recommend to activate certain consumables, such as a boost in your fitness mark or help in positioning. Do not ignore it.

And let's face it, you need coins. What gives you 17 home FIFA will not do much in competitive online games. To win you must hold coins games, tournaments and drafts. The natural progression of a player who wants to level up your Ultimate Team is to start with player modes. Do what it takes in the way of a player to gain experience.
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