Heey Im Graace (:! 
Like reading and the usual shizzles!
Single,Straight, Scotland! <3

~ I Fall too hard, catch me if I do
~ Too flirtacious so be careful ;)
~ 13... sadely :3
~ like to sing,read,write songs & stories
~ drinking, partying, listening to music
~ Skrillex,Nero,Deadmau5 etc, FTW! <3
~ You dont like me thats your problem ;)
~ Love People For Who They Are, Gay,Bi,Straight,Fat,Thin, We're all the same : ))

~People who care
~Hot Boys ;)
~SEX. Jk im not a whore.

~Being fat :-(
~Getting used
~ Bullying For Peoples Own Entertainment >: (

If your hot, your nice to me and flirt with me then I'll flirt back. ;)
Peace out!

Favourite saying ~ RAWR.<3

Peace out bitches! ;) <3
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    In Yo Beed;)
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    Nov 11, 2011 09:11PM
Eyes_Give_Tears1324 Eyes_Give_Tears1324 Dec 18, 2011 10:48PM
@cheeselover1 No problem haha nice picture : )) 
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Description: Lucie has never been the person to fall in love so fast after her horrific past with a guy she loved. But after getting messages from a sweet charming boy.. Will the fairy tale she always wanted turn into Real...


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