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Is Mr and Mrs Sullivan only available as paperback now? On here it said it was finished on inkitt but inkitt only shows up to 12 for me. I'd be happy to buy it if it is available elsewhere though! 


Hey Miss, Simone when will we get more Dragonfly and Reaper and Abbie also I want to know what happens with Jax and Amber 


Hi I’ve just started tainted romance and gone into Inkitt to read the rest of the book but it only has chapter 1 and 63... erm could you tell me how I can read the whole book please x


Are you going to put up the sequel to Royal Blood and One Commitment any time soon? I remember reading the first two books a long time ago and I just found the first one again and can not wait to reread the sequel!  


Hey! I am trying to remember but did you write a book on royal mates waaaay back? If so I’m assuming you took down the book right? I only remember that the girls name started with an I and the guy with a C, again I’m sorry but my brain is trying to get back to 2011-2012 haha I believe the title had royal mates or something of the sort?


          How are you?
          I was just wondering if you were going to update "His chamber's"?
          (No pressure intended - was just wondering if it is still ongoing)

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