Oh my GOSH! 
          	Twisting you HAS  launched! 
          	Now if you want to know details check out; 
          	To purchase now at discounted price check out; 
          	Sim xx


Hey there just was saying thank you thank you for up dating and that I love ur books but to broke to buy online for them so I hope u keep it up


Please complete tangles I'm dying to see what happens up to the ending please please please


Hi why can I not read all of tattooed love on Wattpad or Inkitt? 
          If I have to purchase the book is there any other way besides Amazon


Hey guys I'm running a survey to see what you would like uploaded next. It's three questions and I'll be using this information to plan out what I'll work on this week and the following weeks.
          So if u had a chance, have a say on what u want to read 
          Sim xx