S H A R E D  A C C O U N T !


Why hello there ;)
The names Danny.... obviously :P
See the sexy dude in the DP?
Yeah thats me ;D
I'm sweet 16 :D
Single..Wanna change that? ;)
Straight also
I can do online relationships of you want ;)
Cocky shit :P
The loser down there takes the photos of me ;D
But come on, look at me! *Points at the DP*
I listen to any kind of music :D

Well...If you wanna know more about me just ask for the sexy one ;)


Hey there, I think I love you :)

Erm, names Casey :P
15..turning 16 in 2 weeks :D
Also single
But I'm bi and proud XD
I love photography :D
I'm the 'shy' one according to everyone :P
I'm in the backround picture :P
I may not be the hottest dude or anything but I get by just fine :P ( You bein serious bra?! )
I speak my mind alot so yeah :P
I skateboard..Danny surfs :3
I love pizza :)

So there's this girl..She's beautiful..And she's reading this right now :) ( Cool story bro...tell it again -_- )

I don't flirt much..I.. tell girls what they want to hear... according to Danny XD
Talk to me? :)

Well we don't know what else to say so... :P
Chat us up, ay? ;)

Later ;D
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@BitemeXD :O Scared me so bad!:P 
@supastar Haha xD
Nothing :3 You?!
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