Hiya! Welcome to my corner where magical things happen!

*warning* You have entered the zone of a really awkward teen girl with no filter so if you don't like that, shove off!

*second warning* if you are a stalker, kidnapper, trafficker or pedophile who was intrigued by my warning,
A) I took a semester of kickboxing
B) You would want to return me home very soon after taking me
C) shove off!

My spirit animal is Ketchup the dog.

I am holding out on the belief that my Hogwarts letter is late and even though I'm a good 4 or 5 years too old and American, they will come for me.

I am known as the crazy one of my Marauders, but I actually can be serious and if I'm meeting new people face to face I can be painfully shy.

Me as a sentence would be "I am a self deprecating bitch with an eating problem who reads wayyy too much." Long and pointless. Like my dic- no.

I am horribly scared of doctors' needles, band aids, gum, dying of old age (because what??) and being rejected by my friends.

My pet peeves are wet food, people who speak with long pauses where they shouldn't in order to make a boring story seem dramatic, and when you wake up at night and the top sheet has come out from under the end of the bed.

Why does it matter who you love, as long as you're happy?!? Seriously though, I don't get why it's an issue.

I think labels belong on jars, not people. Because then you can't escape them. However, if I were a jar, I would read "strawberry rhubarb pie filling".

I'm really alone.

So that was a mess. Expand my social life and message me? Hey? No? Eh.
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