Call me Nancy.

My best friends are my parents, they are my everything. I am not a party girl and I don't drink alcohol or do drugs. I prefer coffee over sweet tea, but I do enjoy both.

I enjoy Harry Potter, Red Velvet cake, SPN, classic rock and roll, writing and reading good Fanfiction. I can be, sometimes, a grammar cop when I read something that isn't properly worded or punctuated.

Zodiac: Cancer

Favorite flower: Amaranth

Dream Car(s): That's a hard choice! But if I could make a list then it would look like this; 1970 Dodge Charger RT (from the Fast and Furious franchise), 1977 Pontiac Firebird trans am, and my father's 1973 Cadillac de Ville. I can appreciate cars that date during the 1900's but anything after 2000 has to scream to get my notice.

Currently listening to: Anything classic rock.

Currently watching: Charmed, Supernatural, and The Walking Dead.
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