Well, to start off :

- I am a Filipino and obviously from the pearl of the Orient Seas, Philippines
- I love books, anime and manga. I'm an Otaku and a Bookworm. And I'm proud to be!
- I'm in my first year of college, currently studying at the University of Southeastern Philippines.
- I dream of going to Europe someday!
- I love GADGETS and INTERNET!!! (Totally!)

Random Rant:
umm... I love Backstreet boys, Westlife, Linkin' Park, Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Greenday, Simple Plan and lots and lots of others : ) Their music ROCKS! \m/
#TheDarkPrince #TeamCorin
Favorites from @LaDameBlanche

Okay, okay... So you ask me why I put Team Corin but also The Dark Prince?
Different, aren't they?
BUT here is my reason. My most favorite book out of them all (well, at least for now) is The Dark Prince because that's where it all started!
AND when I was reading The Dark Prince, I fell in love with Corin.
DURING the time I was reading The Dark Heart, I fell even more...
So, that's why!


Pinoy po ako so, para sa mga taga-Pinas, mag-tagalog kayo pag gusto ninyong makipag-usap sa akin, tulo na ang dugo galing sa ilong ko ee. Nosebleed na sa kai-english XD

REMINDER : Ako po ay loka loka.wag na po kayong magtaka kung bakit ako parang autistic na takas sa mental. Intindihin nyo na lang po XD
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