《Eruanna, She/Her, Elf, Proud Plant Parent》


You can call me Eruanna. 👋🏻

•You've somehow come across this awkward, adventurous, and altogether overly anxious Elf's profile. •



I happen to be an Empath, and altogether (I've heard) a decent human *cough "Elf" cough* being.

• (Ambivert with severe social anxiety, to be more precise)


Blue-eyed, very gay mess.

Daughter of Athena.

Proud part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Middle Earth is a part of me.

An anxious ball of awkward emotions inside of this pale af body.

Ravenclaw pride.

The Arts.

I talk more to animals than people.

Silently dying inside from people killing off my favorite characters..

Plants are my children.


My Ever-Expanding List of Fandoms


•Jessie Paege 🏳️‍🌈
•Crank that Frank 🅱️
•dodie 💛
•Lights ⛽️
•TØP 🌮
•Skillet 🍳
•Jen Ledger 🎙
•Green Day 🎸
•BTS 🇰🇷


•TVD 🥃
•TO 🥀
•Tolkien 🏹
•Harry Potter 🕷
•Teen Wolf 🐺
•Percy Jackson 🌊
•Divergent 🤞🏻
•Maze Runner 🦎
•Marvel 🔥
•The Flash 💫
•Arrow 🕸
•Supergirl 🖖🏻
•Legends of Tomorrow ⚔️
•The 100 🛢
•Forever ⏳
•The Host 👽


Seriously; how the Hell did you get here?

I know practically no one, and yet you're here. Probably a comment of mine..

I'm quite hasty with my comments at 1:00am.

That's about all I do to be fair. Until I muster up the free time I don't have and confidence I don't own to publish something on here, from a good and consistent story line I can't decide on.

Well thank you for scrolling through this, I think? Enjoy that wasted ten minutes of your life, since I'm honestly an Elven trashcan. 🙃

And remember; if you're spreading hatred, know I will find you. 🤗
Message me if you need advice, I'm here to help. This is a safe place, see? We have complimentary cookies and tissue boxes. 🍪

*looks back up at bio*

..well that's a clusterfuck. Not my problem man, you read this all. ✌🏻
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