Hi! I'm just a weird girl who's currently working on four books at a time! They are:

☆First Sight(published but incomplete)

☆Two Days Till Death

☆FORBIDDEN I: The Awakening

☆It Started With A Kiss


I also have three published books which aren't actual stories:

1. Tags(a book for if I get tagged)

2. Poems(a book for if I come up with any poem. Currently I have three.)

3. BOOK COVERS(yes I make covers for free)


Now a bit about myself:

☆I specifically like romantic things. I can read a book of any genre but if it's related to romance I'll definitely give it a read. However, just because I like romance doesn't mean I'll always like the story. I also like horror, detective stories and stuff and... yeah, I can't remember anything else.

☆I'm a HUGE FRANS and KRUSIE SHIPPER. My fav game is Undertale. My fav UT-AU is Flowerfell. My fav gaster theory is that he's sans and paps's dad. my fav characters are Sans and Susie(I fangirl so much about them).

☆I also really really REALLY LOVE Tomb Raider, especially Angel of Darkness. And I really don't like Eidos for stopping such a game that had the potential to become part of an amazing trilogy. But anyway if you're wondering, I ship Lara Croft and Kurtis Trent. Deal with it.

☆Other than that I love kpop, anime, jpop, vocaloids, drawing on my phone, playing video games or any game for that matter, sewing clothes for my doll and sleeping. I'm also a bathroom singer(and a bathroom dancer as well).

☆My fav singers are Billie Eilish and AURORA Aksnes. And I have loads of fav songs. Currently it's Egotist by Olivia Hye from LOONA.

☆Favourite kpop groups and soloists: Blackpink, BTS, Gfriend, Dreamcatcher, HyunA, Sunmi, ChungHa, Twice, Everglow, Itzy, LOONA etc.

☆Current fav author: Meldelen. You should check her out if you're an Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness fan and on top of that, if you're a fellow Lartis enthusiast like me you should DEFINITELY check her books out!

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I may not come back for a long time. Idk how long just very long. Been dealing with some personal issues. So I might go offline after Sep 4 or 5. Just wanted to announce this.-Erika
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tags. inspired by Tsunderbean. by ErikaLuvsUT
tags. inspired by Tsunderbean.
inspired to do dis bcz of Tsunderbean and also bc i got tagged.
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