I am happily married and have two wonderful children.  

Born in Montréal, QC Canada, in 2009, I moved to Massachusetts. I also spent one (1) year in Paris, France (May 2011 to May 2012) on a professional assignment.

My career has been rather particular, having worked in various functions; each without the usual prerequisites or experience. This has provided great opportunity to grow through lessons learned....I have grown quite a bit.

I started working in 1986, after graduating from CEGEP. My very first (out of school) job was with a start-up game board company. My entrepreneurial spirit was lit! For two years, in a bad economy (which was normal to me), I experimented, did various jobs (even sold door to door...fire extinguishers and insurance).
My break came in 1988. I have been working for companies in the fields of business and technology since then.

I have been a regular speaker in conferences, wrote numerous articles on business transformation and published two books (Internet: Le Guides des Affaires, Les Édtions Logiques, 1996, and La famille Van Houtte, l’histoire d’un bon café, Les Éditions Logiques, 2001).

Outside of my daily career, my hobbies:
- one that consists of translating the Van Houtte family book to English
- a second to provide the means for individuals, teams and businesses to
- ‘Think and Act WithIn Context for Effective Decision Making.’
- ‘Make Comprehensive Efficient Operations’
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