i love books i read a book a week sometimes more, i have been writing since i was 8, mostly short things and poetry and after getting a few of things published at my university  i'm attempting to write a book for the first time. and since i love vampires, action movies, and sports im integrating that in my story and of course music, because who can leave without music? lol
anyways i would love comments! and i love talking to people and making friends so please dont be shy, i promise i dont bite, too hard :p
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EricaJimenaBSalvator EricaJimenaBSalvator Jul 27, 2012 03:16AM
Yes I couldn't read the second chapter from my stupid computer at work. But it looks like ch 2 has what I. Was missing. Now I can't wait to go home tonight and read ch 2. She gets her fingers chopped...
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